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Many different industries use 3D rendering to help people visualize realistic objects. We share examples of 3D rendering and how verticals use this tool to educate, make sales, entertain, and more.

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3D rendering examples in design

All areas of design use 3D rendering to show customers and clients what something might look like before it’s made. Architects, designers, and furniture manufacturers use 3D renderings for buildings, room designs, and products, respectively.

Furniture 3D rendering examples

Major retailers offer 3D visualization to consumers to reduce returns and power sales. People can try before they buy, virtually place it in their home environment to see it in different views and change colors, fabric, and finishes with a few keystrokes.

3D Chair and Desk Render
3D rendered desk and chair by 3D Cloud

3D Office Chair Render
3D rendered chair by 3D Cloud

3D rendered furniture by Marxent
3D rendered furniture by 3D Cloud used in an interior design mood board 

3d sofa renderings
3D sofa renderings by The Full Room

3d couch renderings
3D couch renderings by The Full Room

Interior design 3D rendering examples

The rendering process is how architects, interior designers, and other professionals showcase their design ideas for clients. Virtual renderings make it easier for the professional and their target market to understand what the finished space will look like and easily make changes efficiently.

3D living room render from Marxent 3D Room Planner - Industrial Luxe
Industrial Luxe – living room 3D rendering by 3D Cloud from 3D Room Planner with Design from Photo

Clean Modern – living room 3D rendering by 3D Cloud, from 3D Room Planner with Design from Photo

Effortless Haven 3D Render

Effortless Haven – living room 3D rendering by 3D Cloud, from 3D Room Planner with Design from Photo

3d rendered living room
3D rendered living room by The Full Room

3d rendered room with a view
3D rendered room with a view by The Full Room

3D Office Render
3D office rendering by 3D Cloud, from the 3D Office Planner with Design from Photo

3d rendered office
3D office rendering by The Full Room

3D rendering examples of kitchen designs

Designing a kitchen is one of the most expensive investments homeowners make when designing or upgrading a home. With 3D rendering, designers or homeowners can build or furnish a floorplan that emulates their own space, using products they can buy in minutes if they want. They can swap out colors, change appliances or finishes until they are satisfied and know the cost for all the components.

3d kitchen rendering
3D kitchen rendering with a friendly 3D dog by 3D Cloud, made with the 3D Cloud 3D Kitchen Designer with Design from Photo

White and Gold Kitchen Render
Dreaming of a White and Gold Kitchen – 3D kitchen rendering by 3D Cloud, made with the 3D Cloud 3D Kitchen Designer with Design from Photo

3d office kitchen rendering
3D kitchen rendering by The Full Room

Bathroom design 3D rendering examples

Clients can visualize and change finishes, paint, flooring, tiles, and fixtures instantly with a 3D rendering. The flexibility and ability to see how elements will work in an environment supports decision-making for new bathrooms and remodeling projects.

3d rendering of bathroom
3D rendering of a bathroom by The Full Room

3 rendering of flooring
3D rendering of flooring by The Full Room

3D Rendering Examples in Architecture

The optimal way to visualize homes, skyscrapers, dams, bridges, and other structures without building life-size prototypes is to create 3D photorealistic images first. Specialized 3D rendering software can create simulations of natural disasters, wear and tear, and performance to improve structures before construction.

3D architectural rendering by The Full Room

3d architectural roof rendering
3D architectural roof rendering by The Full Room

3D architectural high rise rendering by RealSpace3D

3D architectural apartment building and retail rendering by RealSpace3D

Entertainment examples of 3D rendering

Consumers see 3D renderings in movies, games, and advertising. Artists use 3D renderings to bring unique experiences and worlds to life.

Movies and TV 3D rendering examples

3D rendering has made movies and TV into a multi-trillion-dollar industry today by producing more engaging content with greater efficiency. Intricate processes and menial tasks used to make money; human resources and time are now perfected and streamlined. Blending actors with CGI is no longer surprising—it’s a norm.

3D rendering of Operation Barbershop (Blender_Foundation_Shortfilm)

Video gaming today is a far cry from Pong. Whether you’re driving animated automobiles or destroying aliens, the scenes, props, and even the people look real enough to step out of the game and interact with you in your living room.

3d video game rendering
3D video game rendering by Julian De Puma, Courtesy of Zombie Studios

Marketing and advertising 3D rendering examples

3D rendering is commonplace in marketing and advertising because it saves time and money while engaging consumers.

“This was a booth environment at an outdoor event or fair to promote Skyy Vodka,” explains Julian de Puma is a fine artist and a 3D artist with more than 25 years of gaming and engineering visualization experience. “Skyy wanted a variety of portable props to take to various events. Ideas included seating systems, giant board games, and a big bottle/table. That’s the beauty of 3D visualization—you can quickly generate lots of realistic ideas for your client, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.”

3d product rendering
3D product renderings by Julian De Puma, Courtesy of United Creations

Educational and medical 3D rendering examples

3D renderings are particularly prevalent in the medical, education, and scientific fields. These organizations use 3D rendering to transport people to places they may not see otherwise and learn about them in a more interactive way.

3D rendering example in scientific research

3D rendering supports a wide range of scientific research and scientific visualization to present phenomena in the natural sciences, geography, ecology, mathematics and applied sciences. The image shown here is a 3D animation from NASA that shows simulated earth weather.

3D science rendering by NASA: 3D Animation Shows Seven Days of Simulated Earth Weather

Medical imaging 3D rendering examples

Medical imaging scientists and engineers use 3D rendering to facilitate accurate diagnoses. The process uses numerous thin image sections and reassembles them into 3D images, displaying structures or anomalies, and enhancing pathology visualization.

3d medical rendering
3D medical rendering by Spectrum of Medical Imaging, Courtesy of Martin Tournai, PhD. 

Examples of 3D rendering in education and higher learning

Being able to experience people, places, and things in three dimensions exposes learners to information with high impact and low cost.

For example, educators use Virtual Reality to explain processes, art, and culture; visit locations around the world, and conduct scientific experiments. As the cost of 3D printing has become more accessible, it is being used in classrooms at every level to build prototypes in every subject area. The photo here shows U.S. Marines solving problems using 3D printing as part of their training.

United States Marine Corps, Marines Get Schooled on 3D Printing

Industrial examples of 3D rendering

Manufacturing, engineering, and automotive industries benefit from 3D renderings because it allows them to see a product before they invest in building it. This practice lets them easily change designs and experiment with new ideas.

Examples of 3D rendering in vehicle design

Today, cars, motorcycles, and motor homes are all prototyped using 3D visualization to test concepts and styling, check the form and fit, make 3D printed plastic parts, and produce samples and tools at low cost.

Once the vehicle goes into production, 3D rendering helps create compelling advertising. Car designers use 3D modeling and rendering to create realistic aerodynamic designs with virtual performance simulation and testing. Designers can explore various materials to meet the desired parameters of durability and other features.

3d vehicle rendering by Juan de Puma, Courtesy of OXYD
3d vehicle rendering by Juan de Puma, Courtesy of OXYD

Engineering 3D rendering example

The ability to prototype, test, and show cutaway views is invaluable in communicating problems and solutions in every engineering design, from mechanical design to electrical, industrial, or civil engineering.

“This is an educational piece I created for an engineering company that makes safety products,” de Puma explains. “The public doesn’t know much about the hazards lurking beneath our city streets; the main one here being gas leaks. It’s important to understand the numerous problems that utility workers face: ruptured steam pipes, frayed electric cables, and cracking gas tanks. And that’s what we’ve done here.”

3d engineering rendering by Julian De Puma, courtesy of Novinium, Inc.
3D engineering rendering by Julian De Puma, courtesy of Novinium, Inc

Manufacturing 3D rendering example

3D rendering offers medical devices, industrial machinery, scientific equipment, and other manufacturers the means to show the inner workings of their equipment. Artists can also create machine operation animations and marketing materials without the effort and costs of traditional photography.

3d manufacturing rendering
3D manufacturing rendering Roll Forging Manufacturing Process

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