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Web-based AR with unlimited variants for configurable products

3D Cloud offers the only complete suite of web-based AR solutions for large catalogs of configurable products. Launch in 6-8 weeks. View our WebAR Enabled Product Gallery here.

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“With over 350 individual configurable products and 4,000 material options, a WebAR (web-based Augmented Reality) experience for every possible variant is a vision realized.”

Jason Heredia,
Vice President of Product and Design
Real apps, real results

La-Z-Boy Recliners
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WebAR OnDemand™ for
configurable products

WebAR OnDemand for configurable products combines 3D Cloud’s Product Configurators with WebAR or ‘appless AR,’ to create a premium option for retailers that sell products that come in thousands or millions of variants. With WebAR OnDemand, powered by the 3D Cloud, shoppers can configure complex products and download a shareable USDZ or GLB file for their unique configuration. Get all the benefits of WebAR at a fraction of the cost of pre-producing WebAR file formats. Only from 3D Cloud.


  • 4 average AR views per session
  • 5X number of products viewed
  • 3X add-to-cart rate
WebAR for Configurable Products
Multi-Product WebAR

Multi-Product WebAR

With 3D Cloud, visualizing multiple products within the same WebAR scene is quick and easy. Just pick the first product you’d like to see, and then add more products as your build your dream set. Once you’re decided, add-to-cart and check-out!

Marxent’s suite Augmented Reality products

WebAR for e-commerce

3D Cloud’s web-based Augmented Reality solutions are built for e-commerce. 3D Cloud-powered WebAR and WebAR OnDemand are easy to deploy, manage, and integrate into e-commerce websites.

Augmented Reality works

Increase order volume, build shopper confidence at purchase, and reduce costly returns. 3D Cloud AR products deliver measurable and sustainable results.


Avg. AR views
per session


Number of
products viewed


Increase in
add-to-cart rate

AR-Enabled Products Gallery

Product Gallery

AR Content Developed for e-commerce

Speedy rendering in AR

Every second of lag time is a lost sale. Our Augmented Reality content renders quickly and accelerates conversion. With 3D Cloud-powered WebAR, customers jump from product page to product page quickly and add items directly to cart in seconds.

3D content. Ready for
whatever’s next

3D Cloud-powered Augmented Reality is built to future-proof your content. 3D assets are ready for WebAR today but also whatever’s next — whether it’s 3D Product Configurators with WebAR OnDemand, Virtual Reality, the metaverse, or applications you haven’t dreamed up yet.

3D Content. Ready for whatever’s next.
Your success is our success.

Your success is our success

We have account and customer success teams that work hand in hand with you so that integration goes smoothly. Beyond just initial implementation, we continue to make sure you have everything you need to be successful and that the technology is creating value.

  • Custom onboarding
  • Ongoing team training
  • Robust analytics
Furniture and home improvement retailers trust 3D Cloud

Our 3D product visualization platform is a robust, enterprise solution trusted by top retailers everywhere.

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