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How Macy’s Uses 3D Cloud™ for Hybrid Furniture Retail Experiences

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A worry-free and robust
customer experience

Since 2017, Macy’s has been partnering with 3D Cloud to transform furniture retail through 3D product visualization. In 2018, Macy’s and 3D Cloud partnered on the largest virtual reality rollout in retail history and now, together, they’re powering 3D Room Planners, and more.

3D Cloud’s suite of product visualization solutions allows Macy’s to offer a full range of furniture shopping experiences. From allowing customers to see products in their own home with 3D Cloud-powered WebAR to providing room building applications with 3D Cloud’s patented Design from Photo feature and ‘Inspired by Pinterest Trends,’ Macy’s ensures an omnichannel 3D content strategy for any customer journey.

Macy’s e-commerce tools help customers make more informed and confident buying decisions while increasing overall basket size and decreasing return rates.

The Challenge

Customers need the full picture

Without product visualization tools, customers struggle to feel confident about their online purchases which leads to increased returns. Macy’s wanted to give customers a new way of visualizing a wide selection of furniture products and 3D Cloud offered the tools to do just that.

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Our Solution

Tools for every customer journey in furniture and home retail

The 3D Cloud platform offers a proven and scalable suite of product visualization tools. Together, Macy’s and 3D Cloud partnered to create groundbreaking furniture shopping experiences that satisfy customer needs and improve overall return on investment.

Company Fast Facts

  • Founded in 1858
  • Over 700 stores
  • Headquartered in New York City

Our customers can virtually try out potential purchases, eliminating worry over choosing the right pieces for their home and significantly reducing returns.

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Up to 200% increase in average order value when using 3D Room Planners with 3D Cloud’s patented Design from Photo feature

An enterprise ready solution

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Macy’s is constantly looking for ways to bring excitement and fresh experiences to our customers.

Hal Lawton
Former President, Macy’s

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The benefits of 3D
Room Planners are clear

  • Up to 200% increase in average order value
  • 45 minute average engagement time
  • Allows customers to better understand size and positioning in their room of choice
  • Works for both virtual and in-person appointments
  • Great for enterprise retailers with large catalogs

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