Welcome to the latest post in our “Employee Q&A” series, where we interview an employee to reflect on their career and experience at 3D Cloud™. Part of our success is mainly due to our people. So, we’re excited to feature a hardworking team member to learn about their journey at 3D Cloud.

This week, we spotlight Christina Brookfield, Corporate Controller at 3D Cloud™. Let’s read on to learn more!

Christina, how did you learn about 3D Cloud™, and what is your current role at the company?

I was introduced to 3D Cloud by a close friend of mine who was interested in a role here as well. She thought it would be a great mutual fit for the open Corporate Controller position. She was right, and I couldn’t be more thankful for her.

What does your role consist of?

Accounting and Finance are truly supporting functions both internal and external to the organization. That being said, my role consists of everything from financial and regulatory reporting and compliance, budgeting, cash management, the development and monitoring of internal controls, and cross-functional support for our internal teams, as well as our clients, vendors, and partners.

What do you think is the most important skill that you bring to the table?

Probably my grit, reinforced by my organizational OCD.

How do you motivate yourself at work? Do you have any secret tips?

Truthfully, the best way to spark my excitement and motivation is to be that spark for my team and peers. Whether that be lending a helping hand on a difficult project or task, providing insight/information, being a listening ear, or spreading some joy through a laugh amidst an otherwise stressful day/situation. I know that sounds cheesy, but trust me, it really does work! If I’ve come to a crossroads with something I’m working on, I usually find that the best motivator is a mental reset. Moving on to something else for a little while, getting a coffee, or taking a brisk walk, is just something to help me mentally refresh. Oftentimes, I find that just an intentional step away and refocus will help me find the solution/path forward I’ve been searching for.

What are three words to describe 3D Cloud?

Empowering, Brilliant, Cohesive

What is the best advice you could give to someone who just started a career at 3D Cloud?

There is a lot of information to digest at first, A LOT! Try to enjoy it and don’t get overwhelmed. Remember that every incredible person you’re surrounded by or whose knowledge you’re soaking in also had a first day, week, month, year, etc. Allow yourself the time and grace to soak in the knowledge necessary to lay your foundation for a successful journey, and build upon it from there. It will all “click” with time. There are absolutely no stupid questions.

What have you gained from working at 3D Cloud?

This has been my first exposure to the technology industry and all that encompasses 3D and AI. It’s been incredible, to say the least! Being able to see the developments and leaps and bounds we were able to take with technologies and how that can have a significant impact on our client’s direct consumers’ experiences for the better is amazing. There are days when the possibilities seem truly endless, and it’s inspirational to watch these visions take flight into reality. 3D Cloud has also taught me how a strong culture really lays the foundation of a successful professional, peer, and company, especially in a remote working environment.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations at 3D Cloud, and why?

This is a really hard one. There are so many incredible people here. Rick Hanley, CFO, has been monumental in my transition. His level of knowledge and expertise in our industry, as well as the analytical side of how his brain works, have not only broadened my knowledge but have also helped shape and reframe my way of thinking. He’s also been a mentor for a number of years for both professionals and organizations. On top of that, he’s gratuitous, witty, funny, and adventurous. He’s truly an inspirational person and professional.

What is one food you can’t resist? Pizza? Ice Cream?

Brussels Sprouts! I know I know… weird, right? I almost said chips because, truthfully, who can turn down a good chips/dip combination? However, Brussels sprouts are the one thing I would never turn down.


Thank you, Christina, for taking the time to share more about yourself and your experiences at 3D Cloud. We appreciate your tips on staying motivated at work and sharing the knowledge and skills you’ve gained while working at 3D Cloud.

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