Jamerson Elementary recently hosted an Engineering Expo Day for students of all grade levels. 3D Cloud™ employees were excited to attend and sponsor the event.

We believe STEM education should be easily accessible to everyone. We are always happy to partner with Jamerson Elementary. We believe in their vision to engineer innovative thinkers for global success.

Jamerson’s staff created a fun and unique projects for students to utilize STEM to construct systems and environments to solve daily problems. One of them being Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

During the course of 4 weeks, kindergarteners examined the story from a different perspective.

The students were asked to work in an engineering team to construct a Goldilocks just-right chair using LEGOs, blocks, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, etc.

Students learned that design choices are often made on the basis of environmental factors: Which materials are readily available? Who will be using the chair? The concept of force was introduced using Goldilocks dolls set on the chairs. Students had to consider material choices and design structure carefully.

This is one of the many projects from Engineering Expo Day, where students develop collaboration and problem-solving skills that persist throughout the school year.

Thank you, Jamerson Elementary, for having us!

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