GREENSBORO, N.C. — Apple’s ARKit is already disrupting retail. Along with the thousands of Augmented Reality apps the SDK makes possible, ARKit furniture apps from IKEA, WayFair, Houzz, and more are already coming into play. To get an insiders perspective on this major shift, Casual Living magazine talked to 3D Cloud CEO Beck Besecker about the effect ARKit is having on the  furniture industry.

“ARKit is a framework that allows users to easily build Augmented Reality experiences from the iPhone or iPad, and it opens new doors to many companies that want to dive into AR. Beck Besecker, CEO of AR and Virtual Reality company 3D Cloud, says this move marks a major turning point for the retail industry.

‘Shopping for furniture in AR may not be as fun as playing beer pong in AR, and it may not come with a fancy head mounted display, but what it does come with is the admission from major retailers that the next generation of computing and customer engagement relies on 3-D content,’ Besecker says. ‘It also shows new confidence that AR is capable of the scale and consumer acceptance necessary to enable this major shift that we are witnessing in both mobile computing and how we shop for things.’”

Read the full Casual Living interview here: The Future is 3-D – What Apple’s ARKit means for the furniture industry.

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