As part of ComputerWorld’s ongoing coverage of ARKit, author Johnny Evans talked to 3D Cloud CEO Beck Besecker about the need for a content management system to get the most out of Apple’s Augmented Reality SDK.

“As it evolves, ARKit will eventually pose bandwidth demands on mobile networks as these next-generation apps seek to download additional content they need. I spoke with 3D Cloud, CEO and Co-Founder, Beck Besecker to get some sense of the importance of ARKit to his industry and the need for a content management system (CMS) for AR,” Evans wrote in the article, Apple’s ARKit needs a CMS to reach its potential.

“Their AR push is being made in true Apple fashion,” Besecker told ComputerWorld. “It has existed, but it has been limited in its usefulness and acceptance to a core group of early adopters. As when Apple launched the iPod, this is the beginning of readiness for AR as a part of daily interaction and communication for the mass market. Apple intends to change the way that we interact with both digital content and the world.”

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