We love being the best place to work in Dayton, Ohio

It’s clear to see we have a great company culture, so why do we go through the process of getting the award? It’s important others recognize us for our innovative culture, a third party conducts the survey so we get honest results, and we gain valuable analytics from the survey that help us better understand our team and what it is exactly they love about working here. We outright won the award for our business category and are pleased to join other great local companies in setting the tone for what it’s like to live and work in Dayton.

Learn more and see all of the winners on The Dayton Business Journal website.

What contributed to the win:

  • This year, we had 100% employee responses within several days.
  • In 2015, We put a ton of focus into our team and understanding what keeps them here.
  • The team who attended the awards in 2015 had a blast and shared the news with the team which built camaraderie for the event.
  • Becoming an honoree helped get our name out to the community, and we have really enjoyed becoming a more integral part of the vital business community in Dayton.
  • We wanted to win, because we all believe in and cherish the work culture at 3D Cloud.

How we won:

  • Every single team member is taught the culture before they are hired, and are brought in knowing they are a leader of that culture.
  • During interviews employees walk around and meet the team, go to lunch with us, attend our meetings and more. This helps instill our vision in them before they even begin.
  • We go further than the workplace: Frisbee every Wednesday, ladies night out, team events, and Friday’s at the pub are just a few examples of how we play together.
  • New team members feel like they belong and have been here for years after the first week. Within the first month, employees meet the team, get started on their job, attend meetings, meet leaders of the company, attend an activity outside of work and make new friends.
  • We’re not just coworkers we’re friends, and who doesn’t want to hang out with their friends each day?
  • We’re not just friends, we’re family. We celebrate each other, whether it’s marriages, engagements, a new baby, a new dog, or you finally went to that concert you’ve been dreaming of, we’re behind you and want to hear about it.
  • We don’t have to believe it, we feel it. The team here naturally feels like they are a part of the family, they don’t have to try and believe in what we’re doing and who we are. The team is comfortable in their shoes, and know that their individuality is supported and encouraged.

What was it like when we won:

  • We don’t need an award to know we are the best place to work, so we tried to stay humble and focus on celebrating in other’s successes, but… our faces definitely lit up when we were called.
  • We were in the back of the room so we ran across the entire room to the stage, swiveling through tables and other companies.
  • We were shocked. As much as we love ourselves, knowing others had recognized us as a best place to work was the BEST feeling.
  • Once we got back to our table we were ECSTATIC!
  • We were all on our phones snapping pictures and emailing the rest of the team and our friends to let them know we had won.
  • We couldn’t stop smiling, we have worked so hard to build a culture that is recognized in the community, and we did it!
  • Barry kept dancing and singing songs and we couldn’t stop talking about how amazing it felt to win.

We owe it to Dayton

Before you get down on Dayton, realize that this is a brilliant town full of passionate, curious and wonderful people and companies that are striking out to try creative and sometimes crazy new ideas. The Dayton area has been so incredible supportive of our company and our success. From universities, to STEM schools, to Dayton Daily News and the Dayton Business Journal, we have felt so much support for what we’re building here at 3D Cloud. We are so proud of our community and are so ecstatic to become a recognized piece of Dayton success.

Industry group participation

Home Furnishings Association
National Kitchen and Bath Association
City of Hope

Recognized by experts in tech growth and security

Google Cloud Partner
Gartner Cool Vendor
Rocket Companies
VR/AR Association