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Customers want personalized products, and businesses can meet those needs with product configurators. Explore how diverse companies use these tools to improve brand loyalty, streamline operations, and save costs.

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What Is a Product Configurator?

A product configurator is a tool that lets customers choose how they want a product to look or function. It shows different options and features, so users can create a product that fits their needs and preferences.

Various industries, including automotive, electronics, furniture, and fashion, to name a few, use and rely on configurators to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. Car shoppers use configurators to virtually build their cars by selecting various models, colors, engines, and features. In the electronics industry, users customize laptops, smartphones, and other gadgets by choosing the specifications and components they need. In the furniture industry, customers design items such as sofas, beds, and chairs by selecting materials, colors, and shapes according to their preferences. In fashion, users choose fabrics, colors, and styles to design their clothing items.

Key Takeaways:

  • Product configurators enable customers to customize products through an intuitive virtual or 3D interface.
  • Product configurators can help increase brand loyalty, reduce waste, and optimize inventory management.
  • Businesses can maximize the potential of their product configurators by streamlining the tool into existing 3D assets under a single 3D library.

Product Configurator Examples

These 22 examples show how businesses in various industries use product configurators to sell goods. They use either visual or 3D product configurators to let website visitors customize their selections.

A 3D product configurator is a type of visual product configurator that allows customers to view and interact with products in a three-dimensional environment. On the other hand, a visual product configurator can refer to any type of configurator that provides a visual representation of the product being configured. These configurators can include 2D images or interactive visuals that allow customers to change the product’s colors, materials, or other features. A 3D product configurator provides a more immersive and interactive experience for customers.

Website product configurators typically feature user-friendly interfaces that help guide customers through various options, showing how the product will appear with each addition or removal of a customization.

Here’s a glimpse into some of the most innovative case studies of brands that have leveraged visual and 3D product configurators to achieve two primary goals: enabling customers to customize products while improving sustainability and marketing efforts.

Automotive Product Configurator Examples

Automotive companies use product configurators to let customers customize their vehicles, choosing everything from the color to its interior.

  • Adventure Wagon
    Van and camper builds
    Type of configurator: Visual product configurator
    Problem solved: Create a custom van build.
Adventure Wagon Visual product configurator

Adventure Wagon’s visual product configurator

The Adventure Wagon Configurator allows customers to design a camper van, tailoring it to their unique needs and preferences. The program offers a range of customization options, including bed size, layout, storage configurations, and options for adding a sink, stove, or refrigerator. Customers can also choose from a range of finishes and materials to personalize the look of their conversion kit.

  • Fisker
    Industry: Automotive
    Type of configurator: Visual product configurator
    Problem solved: Allow customers to design their electric vehicles while reducing waste and optimizing the supply chain.
Fisker Visual product configurator

Fisker’s innovative visual product configurator

Fisker electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer uses a visual product configurator to offer a personalized shopping experience to customers. Fisker’s vehicle configurator helps customers design their EVs by selecting colors, wheels, interiors, and other features. This approach lets customers visualize their future vehicles and provides a sense of ownership before placing the order.

Beauty and Fashion Product Configurator Examples

Beauty and fashion brands use product configurators to allow their customers to personalize everything from clothing measurements to colors to product packaging (perfumes) and more to create one-of-a-kind looks.

  • Brilliant Earth
    Industry: Jewelry
    Type of configurator: Visual product configurator
    Problem solved: Offer a personalized shopping experience to customize an engagement ring to fit your style, budget, and ethics.
Brilliant Earth Visual product configurator

Brilliant Earth’s Engagement Ring Product Configurator

Online jewelry retailer Brilliant Earth specializes in ethically sourced engagement rings and gemstones. The company launched a product configurator that allows customers to design their own engagement rings by choosing from various diamond shapes, diamond quality, and settings. Customers can also examine the source of the diamonds to select a ring that matches their personal environmental and ethical standards.

Brilliant Earth’s configurator allows customers to see their ring design in 3D and adjust the diamond and setting. They can also customize their engagement ring to their exact specifications, ensuring that they get a product that is both beautiful and ethical. Shoppers can easily visualize how their choices affect the final product.

Beth Gerstein, Co-founder and CEO of Brilliant Earth states, “Our product configurator was a game-changer for us. It gave our customers the freedom to create their own unique engagement rings that reflect their values and personality. The ability to customize our products was a key factor in launching Brilliant Earth and sustaining our growth. We offer our customers a unique and personalized experience while enabling our customers to make ethical choices, which is what sets us apart from other jewelers.

  • Converse
    Industry: Footwear
    Type of configurator: Visual product configurator
    Problem solved: Design and personalize your shoe to create a unique product.
Converse Visual product configurator

Converse visual product configurator

Converse offers a visual product configurator called “Converse by You,” which allows customers to design their shoes by choosing from a range of colors, patterns, and materials. They also offer the option to add personalized text to the shoe design. This customization process enhances their experience and allows them to express their individuality. It also differentiates Converse from other shoe brands by offering unique, one-of-a-kind products.

  • eShakti
    Industry: Fashion
    Type of configurator: Visual product configurator
    Problem solved: Design made-to-order, customized clothes and reduce the fashion industry’s environmental impact.
eShakti Visual product configurator

eShakti’s visual product configurator

eShakti, a women’s online fashion brand, product configurators is a key part of its business strategy. Customers use eShakti’s fashion visual configurator to personalize their clothing items according to their preferences and specific measurements. eShakti’s customers can design clothes that perfectly fit their body shape, style, and preferences. Shoppers input their exact measurements and preview the final design before ordering, reducing returns. eShakti’s website product configurator also aligns with its commitment to sustainability. By offering made-to-order clothing items, the brand avoids overproduction and waste. Instead, they only produce items customers order.

  • Guerlain
    Industry: Fragrance and skincare
    Type of configurator: Visual product configurator
    Problem solved: Bespoke fragrance bottle enhances the luxury experience.
Guerlain Visual product configurator

Guerlain’s visual fragrance product configurator

Guerlain is a luxury skincare and perfume designer that strives to offer sustainable fragrance, beauty, and skincare solutions. Customers can use Guerlain’s fragrance product configurators to customize the bottle and packaging of any perfume to make it truly one-of-a-kind. This personalized service creates an exclusive and memorable experience, enhancing brand loyalty and awareness and establishing Guerlain as a luxury brand that values individuality.

  • iTailor
    Industry: Fashion
    Type of configurator: Visual product configurator
    Problem solved: Allow customers to customize their garments according to preferences and specific measurements. Streamline the production process.
iTailor Visual product configurator

iTailor’s visual product configurator

iTailor is an online retailer that offers made-to-measure suits and shirts. Shoppers can use iTailor’s visual suit configurator to personalize their garments based on their preferences and measurements. Furthermore, iTailor’s product configurator helps streamline its production process and reduce waste. By producing only the items customers order, they avoid overproduction and don’t accumulate unnecessary inventory.

Product Configurator Examples for Consumer Goods

Consumer goods companies that offer everything from guitars to whisky allow shoppers to create personalized products.

  • Emerald Guitar
    Industry: Musical Instruments
    Type of configurator: Visual product configurator
    Problem solved: Provides customers with the ability to customize and design a guitar.
Emerald Guitar Visual product configurator

Emerald Guitar’s visual product configurator

Emerald Guitar’s 3D product configurator gives customers the power to design a unique guitar. For example, they can select the type of wood, hardware, and finish, allowing for a special instrument that fits their preferences and style. The visual configurator also lets customers see a 3D preview of their guitar design before purchasing.

  • Radio Flyer
    Wagons for kids
    Type of configurator: Visual product configurator
    Problem solved: Customize products to meet consumer needs.
Radio Flyer Visual product configurator

Radio Flyer’s visual product configurator

Radio Flyer, a well-known toy company, offers a range of options for shoppers to customize Radio Flyer’s most beloved products. For example, the “Build-A-Trike” online product configurator allows customers to design a personalized tricycle for their child, with selections for frame color, tire type, and accessories. Similarly, the “Build-A-Scooter” program lets customers customize their scooter by choosing the deck color, handlebar type, and wheel color. These programs offer customers a level of personalization that is not available with standard off-the-shelf products.

  • Whisky Blender
    Industry: Whisky
    Type of configurator: Visual product configurator
    Problem solved: Provides an interactive and personalized experience for customers to create their whisky blend.
Whisky Blender

Whisky Blender’s Digital Blender visual product configurator

At Whisky Blender, customers can create a personalized blend of whisky with a unique product configurator. By selecting from a variety of single-malt whiskies, shoppers can experiment with different flavors and proportions to create a bespoke blend. The digital platform also provides information on each single malt whisky’s characteristics and tasting notes, allowing them to make informed choices. This personalized and educational experience enhances customer engagement and loyalty and positions Whisky Blender as a premium whisky brand that values craftsmanship and innovation.

Product Configurator Examples for the Home

A designer or home improvement company can use a 3D visual product configurator to allow customers to design their kitchen and visualize how new office furniture will look by dragging and dropping in furniture, windows, or other elements into a 3D representation of their space. Similarly, furniture product configurators might allow customers to design their ideal sofa or sectional.

  • Ashley Furniture
    Industry: Home furnishings
    Type of configurator: 3D room planner and product configurator
    Problem solved: Location-flexible experience lets customers plan and design room layouts and visualize them before purchasing.
Ashley Furniture 3D room planner and product configurator

Ashley Furniture’s 3D product configurator.

Ashley Furniture is a home furnishings retailer that offers customers an interactive room builder product configurator to design and plan room layouts. The room builder allows customers to visualize furniture pieces and their arrangements in a virtual room, test different layouts and colors, and create custom designs. Ashley Furniture’s room builder helps the retailer provide shoppers with a more engaging and personalized experience, increasing customer satisfaction by allowing them to visualize a room design before purchasing. This approach also helps the brand reduce physical inventory and showroom space costs.

  • John Lewis
    Industry: Home decor
    Type of product configurator: 3D curtain configurator
    Problem solved: Configurating made-to-order curtains
John Lewis Curtain 3D Product Configurator

3D product configurator for custom curtains at

Customers who use the John Lewis product configurator on the can design made-to-measure curtains using their complete fabric range. Shoppers can sort fabrics by color, brand, fabric type, pattern, and price. Once a fabric has been selected, the product configurator allows for customization of the heading style, eyelet color.  Select the lining type, linking color and single or pair style curtains. It’s also possible to customize the chair, table and wall color.

  • Herman Miller
    Industry: High-end office furniture
    Type of product configurator: 3D product configurator
    Problem solved: Provides customers with options to customize the company’s office chairs so they can create a product that truly fits their needs.
Herman Miller online 3D product configurator

Herman Miller online 3D product configurator

Herman Miller’s online 3D product configurator provides the ultimate experience for customizing an office chair. Customers can select everything from the chair color to the upholstery to adjustable arms. They can also choose seat depth, lumbar support, and the best wheels for carpet or hard floors. Users can see the price change based on their selections as they choose features.

Offering online customization of its iconic chairs is only one way the MillerKnoll uses 3D product configurators. Kristen DeLap, Head of Digital Product/UX Design at MillerKnoll, explains, “[The configurator] is completely code-free. This means we can move faster, spend less time and money maintaining configurators and give designers and consumers what they crave most – the power to configure and visualize their designs.”

  • Lowe’s
    Industry: Home improvement
    Type of product configurator: 3D room planner and product configurator
    Problem solved: Customized product: Allows customers to imagine their new kitchen before investing in a renovation.
Lowes 3D room planner and product configurator

Lowe’s Kitchen Planner 3D product configurator

With Lowe’s Kitchen Planner, customers can design and visualize their kitchen remodel project, including customizing the layout, cabinets, appliances, and finishes. The online configurator solves the customer’s problem of imagining how their new kitchen will look and feel before investing in a costly renovation. The 3D product configurator reduces the likelihood of costly mistakes and increases customer satisfaction by giving them a realistic preview of their new kitchen. Additionally, Lowe’s saves time and money by reducing the need for in-person consultations and showroom space.

Examples of online Product Configurators for sporting Goods

Sporting goods companies offer shoppers the ability to customize many aspects of their products, whether it’s the fit of a bike or the grip of a racquet.

  • Fanatik Bike
    Industry: Mountain bikes
    Type of configurator: Visual product configurator
    Problem solved: Create a tailor-made bike by selecting from a range of customizable components.
Fanatik Visual product configurator

Fanatik Bike’s visual product configurator

Fanatik Bike’s visual product configurator, the “Bike Builder” lets customers create a custom bike by selecting from a range of customizable components, such as frame, fork, wheels, drivetrain, and suspension. The website product configurator offers real-time visualizations of the bike as shoppers select each part, giving them a clear idea of how the final product will look. This personalized and interactive experience helps customers design their dream bike and simplifies the purchasing process by ensuring that all the selected parts are compatible and meet their needs and preferences. The configurator also increases customer engagement and satisfaction, as they can see their creation come to life before their eyes.

  • Wilson
    Industry: Sporting equipment
    Type of configurator: Visual product configurator
    Problem solved: Customize popular sporting equipment.
Wilson Visual product configurator

Wilson’s visual product configurator

Wilson is a sports equipment and apparel brand that has been in business for over 100 years. Wilson’s visual product configurator helps sports enthusiasts customize a range of sports equipment and apparel, such as golf clubs, basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, volleyball nets, and team uniforms. Customers can choose from various customization options, such as colors, designs, logos, and personalization. For example, golfers can personalize their golf balls with their name or initials, basketball players can design a custom basketball with their team colors and logo, and volleyball teams can create custom team uniforms with their names and numbers.

Other Examples of Industries that use Product Configurators

Product configurators have become a critical tool in ecommerce strategy across diverse industries. For example, consumers can use the tool to design structures, customize tools, and design digital signs.

  • Countryside Barns
    Outdoor structures
    Type of configurator: 3D product configurator
    Problem solved: Visualize a shed design before purchasing.
Countryside Barns 3D product configurator

Countryside Barns 3D Product Configurator

Countryside Barns’ 3D product configurator allows customers to design and customize barns or outdoor structures, choosing the size, style, color, and features that best suit their needs. This interactive tool helps shoppers visualize their design before purchasing, thereby reducing errors and misunderstandings, and streamlining the ordering process, improving overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, Countryside Barns can offer a broader range of customization options and compete with larger, more established competitors.

  • Leatherman
    Type of configurator: Visual product configurator
    Problem solved: Offer customized multi-tools not available in stores.
Leatherman Visual product configurator

Leatherman’s visual product configurator

Leatherman’s Custom Shop allows consumers to create a personalized multi-tool that meets their needs and preferences. They can use the service to choose from a range of handle colors and engraving options to make the multi-tool unique. While customers cannot change the specific tools included in the multi-tool, the customization options available in the Custom Shop offer a level of personalization that is not available with standard off-the-shelf multi-tools.

  • Samsung
    Industry: Digital Signage
    Type of configurator: Visual product configurator
    Problem solved: Allow businesses to compare digital signage solutions.
Samsung Visual product configurator

Samsung’s digital signage visual product configurator

Samsung’s visual product configurator mobile app lets users design digital signage solutions by customizing the display size, resolution, color, and installation type. The platform provides a real-time 3D rendering of the digital signage solution, allowing businesses to visualize its appearance in each environment. The product configurator saves time and money by reducing the need for manual design and engineering while also providing businesses with a personalized and interactive experience.

  • Snap-On
    Industry: Automotive repair and maintenance tools
    Type of configurator: Visual product configurator
    Problem solved: Customize tool-storage products per each customer’s preferences and needs.
Snap-on Visual product configurator

Snap-on’s visual product configurator

Snap-on’s visual product configurator allows customers to design their tool storage solutions, selecting from a range of toolboxes, cabinets, and accessories and previewing the final product before purchasing. This tool helps shoppers create a personalized and optimized workspace while reducing the need for physical inventory and showroom space.

  • TimberTech
    Type of configurator: 3D product configurator
    Problem solved: Help customers visualize and customize their decking projects.
Timber Tech 3D product configurator

TimberTech 3D Deck Designer and product configurator

TimberTech manufactures high-quality composite decking, railing, and lighting solutions. TimberTech’s 3D Deck Designer helps customers visualize and customize their decking projects. In the Deck Designer, users can select options like board color, width, texture, and length, and add-ons such as railings, lighting, and fasteners. This interactive experience allows customers to experiment with different design options and make informed decisions about their decking needs.

Why use a Product Configurator?

Product configurators let customers design personalized products, avoid wrong purchases, and have a fun shopping experience. They also help manufacturers reduce waste and save time and money in production.

Product configurators offer benefits to customers and businesses alike. Here are some benefits of product configurators for customers:

Here are some benefits for manufacturers:

  • Save time and money
    Product configurators save manufacturers time and money while increasing efficiency, accuracy, and profits. When a manufacturer allows customers to design the product they will buy, it can help them avoid pursuing pathways for products that customers don’t like or will return. According to McKinsey research, companies that offer personalization generate 40% more revenue.
  • Stay competitive
    Manufacturers use product configurators to customize products on demand and quickly respond to changing consumer demands quickly. Companies can also collect valuable customer data and insights, informing product development and marketing strategies.
  • Optimize the supply chain
    Configurators provide detailed information about specifications and preferences, helping businesses optimize inventory management. Many companies felt the crunch from supply chain issues during the COVID-19 epidemic and are focusing on how it relates to their online strategies. A Gartner study found that 83% of businesses require the supply chain enhances the customer experience, and it’s part of their digital business strategy.
  • Prioritize sustainability
    Some companies use product configurators as a central part of their business model, only producing customer orders. As a result, they save resources on products they may not sell and impress customers. According to McKinsey Sustainability, the savings in resources costs can improve operating costs by up to 60%.
  • Improve customer loyalty
    Product configurators enhance customer loyalty by offering personalized products that meet individual preferences, leading to higher customer satisfaction and a higher likelihood of repeat purchases. In fact, 60% of consumers will become repeat customers after having a personalized experience.
  • Save money on returns and exchanges
    Using product configurators can reduce the cost of returns and exchanges for businesses.

The strategic impact of Product Configurators

The strategic impact of online product configurators is significant for businesses in various industries. They boost customer satisfaction, sales, margins, and competitiveness. Overall, they help companies have a stronger position in the market.

In recent years, many brands have taken innovative approaches to product configurators, recognizing their potential to enhance the customer experience and drive sales. From car manufacturers to fashion retailers, companies are investing in advanced configurator technologies that offer new levels of customization, interactivity, and personalization.

Online product configurators allow companies to offer a level of customization and personalization that was previously impossible with traditional sales channels. Companies can tailor their offerings to meet individual customer needs and preferences by allowing consumers to configure and customize products online.

Beck Besecker - Marxent CEO“Online product configurators are essential for retailers and manufacturers of highly configurable products such as furniture, kitchen, bath, decking, and storage,” said Beck Besecker, CEO and Co-Founder of 3D Cloud. “They allow brands to create a personalized and engaging shopping experience for customers while also improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. With 3D product configurators, companies can deliver a new level of customization and personalization.”

Online product configurators can have a range of benefits for companies, including increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, higher sales volumes, and improved margins. By allowing customers to create products tailored to their needs and preferences, companies can foster a sense of ownership and pride in the product, leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat business. By automating the configuration and ordering process, companies can reduce the need for sales staff and eliminate errors and delays in the ordering process.

3D Product Configurator for streamlined multi-platform Production

A 3D product configurator provides numerous benefits to a business. However, to get the most out of your product configurator, it must be easy to implement, compatible with existing assets, and seamlessly integrated with all sales outlets. To streamline your multi-platform visual assets, use 3D Cloud. A single library allows you to create, customize, and implement 3D visuals across multiple platforms.

3D Cloud is a renowned industry leader in the development of a 3D product configuration for furniture and 3D room planner solutions, catering to a diverse range of businesses. The 3D Cloud 3D Product Configurator with WebAR OnDemand is a cutting-edge responsive web application that can be accessed from any device, including desktops and mobile devices. It allows customers to configure unique products. Then, each customized product generates a bill of materials that can be readily transferred to your manufacturer.

For businesses with large catalogs of tangible products, the 3D Cloud solution is purpose-built to accommodate big audiences, numerous contributors, thousands of locations, and billions of potential product variants, making it a perfect fit for global reach.

Partnering with 3D Cloud can help you maximize the benefits of your product configurator and empower your customers with customized product options. With a trusted community that includes Macy’s, Ashley Furniture, and Herman Miller, partnering with 3D Cloud can provide your business with the tools and resources needed to succeed in today’s competitive market and improve your business’s bottom line.

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