Vuforia AR Examples & Case Studies

Qualcomm Vuforia AR offers amazing technology that is set to change creative digital landscape. Enabling experiences such as text recognition, image recognition, recognition of simple 3D objects and frame target recognition, Vuforia Augmented Reality enables extraordinary interactivity to real-world environments through 3D graphics, touch, video and audio. Wondering if Vuforia works for business? Here are five case studies that show how 3D Cloud clients are using Vuforia Augmented Reality to generate results.

1. Moosejaw X-Ray Case Study – A Qualcomm Vuforia AR Catalog Retail Application

The Moosejaw X-Ray app shows how innovative use of  Qualcomm Vuforia AR image recognition technology can amplify print catalog sales and social engagement. With over 650k downloads and over 2MM twitter impressions, the Moosejaw X-Ray app moved the holiday sales needle.  Read the Moosejaw X-Ray Vuforia case study.

2. AR Game Case Study – Vuforia Game Supercharges Trade Show Lead Generation

Taking advantage of trends in B2B edutainment, PerkinElmer used an Augmented Reality game to generate trade show leads and teach attendees about their complex technology. The result? 100% growth in leads over the previous year.

3. Augmented Reality Education App – Vuforia AR Inspires Curiosity & Teaches Tough Concepts

Southern California Edison’s  Vuforia Augmented Reality case study highlights how the company demonstrated itself as a pioneer in employing new consumer education technologies and achieved a 33% attendee participation rate. Read the SCE Augmented Reality Education App Vuforia case study.

4. Medical Augmented Reality App for Technical Sales and Trade Shows – Vuforia AR Starts Conversations

Wright State Research Institute (WSRI) welcomed students from all 50 states and Japan to the 2013 Science Olympiad National Tournament with a custom Augmented Reality app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

5. Medical Device Trade Show Booth – Vuforia AR Generates Curiosity & Invites Visitation at International Event

Baxter Pharmaceutical commissioned a custom Augmented Reality app to engage participants at an international trade show in Paris . Engaged participants learned about a medical product while deeply immersed in an interactive  Augmented Reality  experience. Read the Vuforia AR Trade Show case study.

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