Welcome to the latest post in our “Employee Q&A” series, where we interview an employee to reflect on their career and experience at 3D Cloud™. Part of our success is mainly due to our people. So, we’re excited to feature a hardworking team member to learn about their journey at 3D Cloud.

This week, we spotlight Matt Mooney, Head of User Experience Research at 3D Cloud™. Let’s read on to learn more!

How did you learn about 3D Cloud™, and what is your current role at the company?

After moving here upon marrying my lovely wife, I learned about 3D Cloud by doing a job search in the Dayton area. It looked like the most interesting opportunity, and I didn’t want to work at the base. I’m currently the Head of User Experience Research.

What does your role consist of?

My role consists of understanding our users through Design Thinking methodologies, All sorts of usability studies, and curating a list of User Personas and UX KPIs that we can measure over time to ensure we’re delivering the right tools at the right time to the people who need to use it to accomplish a goal of theirs. I like understanding how people and systems interact and applying science and statistics to the practice of User Experience.

What do you think is the most important skill that you bring to the table?

I’m a divergent thinker and like to see the big picture and understand where we can best focus our efforts to improve our tools over time.

How do you motivate yourself at work? Do you have any secret tips?

I use the Pomodoro Technique when I need extra motivation to be productive. It’s super helpful.

What are three words to describe 3D Cloud?

Over-Capable, Driven, Different

What is the best advice you could give to someone who just started a career at 3D Cloud?

Reach out to people you don’t know. We try to make it an inclusive team, but seeking new knowledge, opportunities, or companionship never hurts. People are more than willing to take the time to offer those in droves.

What have you gained from working at 3D Cloud?

I’ve been able to help realize a fast-paced and sustainable UX Research Practice that provides trackable success metrics and gives us deep insights into how our users want to interact with our software. That and my name on a patent?! Also, good friends and a drive to deliver outstanding results.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations at 3D Cloud, and why?

Everyone here is a hero in their own way, of course; cheers!
Ryan Roche always has the best interest of everyone in mind. He tackles problems in and out of work like a true hero. (He was my boss before he decided to be a product guy!)
Jon Jekeli – Man, this guy and his ability to dissect complex things in a ridiculously brief amount of time, and fun to play card games with
Ryan Harlow – Because he’s a one-of-a-kind gem that is underappreciated for his qualities other than the best sense of humor in the office.
Jo Anne Brenzo – A homegrown 3D Cloud Hero. Always professional and on top of all of the games.

What is a dream that you want to make come true one day?

I’ve been considering making a puppet show with animatronics and stop motion. Gotta finish up some musical releases I’m working on first, though!

What is one food you can’t resist? Pizza? Ice Cream?

I’m a vegetarian now because my wife is one, and I like to be supportive, but if bacon is placed in the area, I will eat it.


Thank you, Matt, for taking the time to share more about yourself and your experiences at 3D Cloud™. We appreciate your practical tips on staying focused, networking, and continuously learning are particularly helpful.

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