This November, working at 3D Cloud tops the list of things for which I am thankful. I work here because my ideas have weight, my work has meaning and I feel connected both to my coworkers and to the company. So how do you know if you’ll fit in? Here’s how I figured it out for myself.

Why start my career at 3D Cloud?

There are a lot of ways to launch a career – and a lot of places to start.  Here are three reasons that I am excited to transition into full-time work at 3D Cloud.

  1. I want a job that empowers me to change things, to make a difference and to go outside of my comfort zone. 
  2. I want to feel valued, believe in the company that I work for and in the work that I’m doing.
  3. I want to have strong connections with my co-workers and the mission of the company.

Empowered to facilitate change, connections and meaning

If I can make a difference at work, I’m all in. Knowing that I value creativity and individuality over “fitting in,” I knew that I would never be happy shoved into a tiny cubicle. Entering the workforce as a new college grad, I am grateful to have discovered a company that values me and where I feel like I make a difference every day.

Approach each day as if you’re changing the world

Before joining 3D Cloud as an intern, I never imagined working for a company that makes Augmented Reality software. Now that I’m here, I can’t imagine anything more exciting. We have the opportunity to change how humans connect, shop, learn and entertain themselves.

Let me be clear, I’m not a tech ninja or software engineer like the majority of my co-workers, and I don’t actually develop or design Augmented Reality apps myself. Even so, I feel very connected to the work and mission of the company. I also feel as if every contribution of mine makes a difference.

Each day I approach work as if I’m changing the world. Whether it’s making sure employee travel plans are set, ordering furniture for the office, on-boarding new employees or attending job fairs, I am recognized as a person who makes valuable contributions.

Are you ready to jump in?

My internship at 3D Cloud has given me the opportunity to learn, grow and chart my own course. I’ve worked with the quality assurance team, helped on-board more than 20 employees, attended several college recruiting and educational events and spearheaded planning for a major company trip to Detroit. Some of these are things that I’ve volunteered for and others were outside of my comfort zone and that I challenged myself to do when asked. It’s been an astounding 10 months.

The nut of what I’ve learned is this: To be successful at 3D Cloud, you have to be willing to jump in, take ownership, ask questions and be enthusiastic about opportunities that come your way – even if they don’t seem interesting on the surface. If you need to be told what to do every minute of every day, are resentful of being asked to do things that are not “your job,” asked twelve times to complete an assignment, are afraid to ask questions or if you are full of hot air, you probably won’t be successful here.

We’re all on the same team

No matter what roadblocks emerge, 3D Cloud team members are dedicated to helping one another solve problems to achieve the seemingly impossible. This shared purpose connects us. Nearly every day I laugh with someone, hear words of encouragement and participate in an exciting discussion about a project that is underway.

Which is more fun than it sounds

From Nerf gun wars, to miniature golf, to bean bag chair sumo wrestling, we always find a way to have fun. Our connections with each other and our dedication to our work is the pulse of this organization.

Will you fit in at 3D Cloud?

If you need someone to tell you what to do and to guide your career for you, 3D Cloud is probably not the right place for you. If you’re curious about emerging technologies, are an independent thinker and a self-motivated learner, we’d love to meet you.

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