In honor of Women’s History Month, we are bringing back our Women in Tech series, which celebrates women in STEM careers who are experienced leaders in the tech industry. Gender diversity in the technology workplace is still far behind other industries. At 3D Cloud™, we continue to advocate and support outstanding women who push the industry forward. So, grab yourself a coffee, pull up a chair, and meet —-

Iris Igawa.

Thank you for meeting with us, Iris. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What is your background and current role?

I am the Director of QA at 3D Cloud™, and I oversee QA on our web platform apps and test new features.

What sparked your interest in working in the tech industry?

It was accidental. I was working at a call center and was lucky enough to work on projects for email management systems, order management, and, eventually, the e-commerce website. I liked doing QA because it helped me build up my critical thinking skills.

What steps did you take to become the Director of QA?

I learned QA by working on large projects in my previous job, and that experience opened up opportunities for QA on the e-commerce site.

What has been your biggest challenge while being Director of QA?

Taking what I’ve learned about our apps and teaching it to others. When I started, we didn’t have nearly as many apps, and it was easier to grasp what kinds of areas needed to be tested. Now, we have so many feature-dense apps that it takes longer to assimilate everything so that you have a good grasp of what needs to be tested.

What has been your biggest project while working in your role?

At 3D Cloud, the biggest project has been QA-ing HD renders as they have evolved from Octane to Unity to GLB. This feature has had a huge impact, and testing it is absorbing. At my previous job, it was testing end-to-end compliance with the Canadian Anti-Spam Law.

How do you differentiate yourself from others?

I don’t know that I differentiate myself from others. I just focus on the work.

What are your tips for thriving both personally and professionally?

Look at work as work. Enjoy your Saturdays with your loved ones and your cats.

“Look at work as work. Enjoy your Saturdays with your loved ones and your cats.” – Iris Igawa, Director of QA

Looking at the hottest technology in retail right now, which one stands out to you and why?

I think anything that demystifies a complex transaction, such as designing a kitchen, building a deck, or organizing a space, is valuable to consumers because it removes barriers and has the power to educate them so they can make sound choices.

How can the broader community support women in tech?

Focus on creating a work culture that learns to listen in a less linear or hierarchical way, which means paying attention to what people are saying in both routine and critical matters. This helps anyone working in tech feel as if they are being heard and encourages participation and growth.

What is your best leadership advice?

Recognize, appreciate, and support the different ways in which your co-workers can and do excel.

Anything else you would like to share?

Working at 3D Cloud™ is a fascinating ride.


Thank you for your time, Iris. We appreciate the opportunity to hear about your background and personal experiences.

Keep an eye out for the next Women in Tech feature, and if you would like to participate, shoot us a message on LinkedIn

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