3D Cloud™ CEO: “Shoppers using WebAR are 3x more likely to convert, so simplifying access to WebAR products is key to maximizing ROI.”

This week, we were awarded a new patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent covers an Augmented Reality (AR) feature poised to transform the way shoppers discover, collect, and utilize Web-AR-enabled products while shopping.

This new patent-protected Intellectual Property (IP) marks a significant enhancement to 3D Cloud™’s already impressive lineup of 3D solutions for furniture retailers. It integrates the best Web-AR technology and introduces an entirely new approach to room planning.

“We are obsessed with delivering value and are excited to bring this new technology to our customers. Shoppers using WebAR are three times more likely to convert, elevating WebAR products is key to maximizing ROI.” – Beck Besecker, CEO and Co-Founder of 3D Cloud™.

Here’s how the Augmented Reality feature works:

  • Visit a WebAR category page. A WebAR category page is created to feature only WebAR-enabled products
  • Created a custom product list. A shopper looking to furnish a bedroom might select a nightstand, a bed, a lamp, a rug, and a dresser.
  • Scan a QR code. When the shopper is ready to view the items in their space, they scan a QR code to launch their selected products in WebAR.
  • Launch the WebAR experience. The QR code launches an AR experience featuring the shopper’s selections in a single scene.
  • Plan the space. Manipulate and move individual products within the augmented reality scene for a live, at-scale room planning experience.

Beyond enhancing the shopping experience, this patent offers a significant advantage to businesses operating in the dynamic retail landscape. Companies can seamlessly integrate this system into their existing operations and product catalogs, delivering efficient and engaging means for customers to interact with their products.

View our WebAR Product Gallery here. 

Congrats to Jeff Rudderman, a 3D Cloud™ Account Director, on minting his first patent!

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