“It’s like being on your own HGTV home makeover show.”

So writes Tampa Bay Times reporter Sara DiNatali, who explored 3D Cloud’s relationship with Macy’s, the expansion of 3D into retail, and the ways companies like Macy’s are using technology to improve the bottom line.

“Virtual Reality and the high-resolution graphics that go along with it have catapulted retailers into the modern age of decor, design and furniture sales. Now at Macy’s, employees can show off furniture with a few clicks of an iPad. Customers can see how a new couch would fit into their living room on a big-screen TV, or in high-definition through Virtual Reality goggles.

‘Our shoppers get to experience the catalog without having it in the store,’ said Countryside Macy’s manager Juan Pacheco. ‘Once you experience it, play with it, you go home and want to redo a whole room.'”

Read the full story online at the Tampa Bay Times.

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