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We make 3D easy for enterprise retailers and manufacturers. Fast, scalable, secure, proven, and with a single platform for every 3D commerce journey, 3D Cloud™ does all of the heavy lifting so enterprises can launch new 3D initiatives quickly without hiring a specialized team.

This article covers:

3D e-commerce comes with a unique set of complexities. While some major retailers choose to hire their own internal 3D teams, most choose to work with an experienced vendor that can launch new 3D initiatives faster, without adding new staff, and with a smaller internal lift.

If you are investigating 3D vendors, you’ll want to know that the vendor you choose plans can host the file types you need, handle content needs, ongoing support and maintenance, security and privacy compliance, and will provide the specialized talent needed to run efficiently and deliver return on investment as rapidly as possible.

If you are an enterprise architect, digital project manager, procurement professional, or executive working to evaluate 3D e-commerce solution vendors, this article is for you.

As a stakeholder charged with finding the best 3D e-commerce vendor, it’s important to understand the level of service provided by each vendor as well as the time and resources that each vendor requires from clients. Having all of this information upfront will make it easier to select the right 3D e-commerce vendor.

We make 3D easy for enterprise retailers and manufacturers. Fast, scalable, secure, proven, and with a single platform for every 3D commerce journey, 3D Cloud does all of the heavy lifting so enterprises can launch new 3D initiatives quickly without hiring a specialized team.

Working with 3D Cloud - What We Do, What You Do

Why enterprise retailers prefer 3D Cloud

Our philosophy is simple: Our success is your success.  We aren’t happy until your program is delivering results. We take on the bulk of the work for our clients so that deploying 3D is fast, easy, and doesn’t require a dedicated team.

3D Cloud has a narrow focus on furniture, kitchen, bath, decking, and office furniture verticals. We have solved the major problems for these business verticals and understand the business rules and nuances at play.

This has made it possible for us to establish a turnkey system for launching 3D applications and scaling them quickly to deliver ROI without requiring partners to staff a specialized 3D team. The 3D Cloud methodology is to deliver, measure, optimize and innovate, while putting customer success at the core of everything we do.

  • Deliver – Most apps are up and running within 3 months
  • Measure – Track and analyze with custom analytics dashboards
  • Optimize – Constant improvement, planned releases, content orders, add new apps, roadmaps
  • Innovate – Always delivering new features

Key elements of a 3D project

Evaluating 3D partners starts with understanding the key elements of a 3D project. Every project starts with project definition and most projects include:

  • Onboarding
  • Application setup and development
  • Content development
  • Content ordering
  • Integrations
  • Training
  • Content QA
  • Deployment
  • Post-launch support

Our full-service approach to 3D e-Commerce – What We Do

We consider ourselves a partner in innovation and work alongside our clients to deliver results. To keep projects on track, we do most of the heavy lifting.

Our white-glove service approach to 3D is comprehensive. We assign a dedicated account team to each client and handle everything from business rules and security to content creation and training. We work alongside clients to deliver projects on time and within scope, then provide post-launch support such as data analytics and regular business reviews.


  • Assign a dedicated account team
  • Map the customer journey
  • Develop and measure KPIs and ROI model
  • Define the user flow for the end-to-end customer experience
  • Project planning
  • Content recommendations
  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Launch and post-launch tech support
  • Provide training materials and strategies
  • Offer promotion support and best practices
  • Project risk assessment
  • Business rule management

We’ll make sure we have the right 3D assets to work across channels and apps so that you never have to ask about file types.

We can also completely handle content ordering and QA. We’ll come with recommendations of number and type of products based on the applications(s) you chose. You provide us reference images and we do the rest.

What our clients are responsible for – What You Do

We want our partners to launch their 3D visualization applications as quickly and efficiently as possible with the  least amount of in-house effort. We’ll need you to provide a full SKU list and assign a dedicated project manager or team of 2 or 3 leads depending on the size of the project. You will also be asked to identify content needed, deploy integrations, and approve deployments. Attendance of regular business reviews is requested and some projects may require additional asks.


  • Assign a Product Owner to prioritize scope, make decisions, review progress, and approve final deployment
  • Assign a Product Specialist to provide information on 3D content that will be created for the application and approve initial proof models for accuracy
  • Provide content SKUs and reference files. The product specialist, often a merchandising resource, provides a list of SKUs, product data, and reference files for ordering 3D art.
  • Assign a Technical Lead for integration requirements, providing access to APIs and assisting with deployments
  • Depending on the project, there may be other asks

How many people do we need to hire?

In most cases, you don’t need to hire any new people to manage a project with 3D Cloud. Clients typically utilize existing headcount to get started.

Do we need a dedicated team?

You don’t need to build a full team or have any knowledge of 3D to work with 3D Cloud. We have a turnkey system that allows retailers to launch and optimize 3D apps quickly and without dedicated teams in most cases.

As a project develops, there are cases where a dedicated in-house individual or small team may be needed. However, in most cases this is not required to get started or to launch an app.

What customers are the best fit for 3D Cloud?

Our ideal customers are enterprise retailers and manufacturers with large catalogs of highly configurable products in furniture, kitchen, bath, decking, and office furniture.

Learn more about how 3D Cloud delivers success:

  • Download the “What we do, what you do” summary
  • Share it with colleagues involved in the vendor evaluation process
  •  Include it in presentations to leadership
  • Use it to compare vendors

Downloadable Template

Download the 3D Cloud Method – What We Do, What You Do Template
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What We Do Example Image

There are many ways to approach 3D for e-commerce. Our proven method of working with enterprise retailers and manufacturers in the furniture, kitchen, bath, decking, and office furniture verticals is the fastest, easiest way to get started with 3D and scale quickly.

3D Cloud delivers value: efficient, better value, speed to market — all without building out a dedicated team with dozens of job titles in 3D. You can gain a competitive advantage quickly without growing your headcount or establishing an internal discipline in 3D.

Once you’ve aligned internal resources, what’s next?

With aligned internal resources, the next step is to begin your project kickoff! Contact us today to request a 3D project consultation.

For a complete guide to launching a 3D project, visit our 3D Project Planning Resource Center.

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