The 3D Cloud @ Work series is near and dear to our hearts. Created back when the employee count was still in the single digits, 3DCloud @ Work provided a valuable platform for CEO Beck Besecker and other early staffers to define our corporate culture — a task that continues to this day. The series is built on the belief that we can all learn from each other, and there is real value in being able to peek into the brains of your managers and coworkers.

Here are some of our favorites, broken down by category:

Advice for career hunters

3D Cloud regularly interviews talented people for open positions, and a major part of the conversation ultimately comes down to fit — is the applicant a good fit for 3D Cloud, and is 3D Cloud a good fit for the applicant? The 3D Cloud @ Work series is a great place for job applicants to get a feel for what working at 3D Cloud will really be like, helping them decide if a career at 3D Cloud is something they want to pursue.

Startup vs. Big Corporation

Thought Leadership from the CEO

Wouldn’t you like to peek inside the mind of your boss, getting to know how they think and what they expect before you set foot in the office? 3D Cloud @ Work makes this possible, with CEO Beck Besecker providing many of the best and most-revealing posts in the series.

Jobs in Virtual Reality: What's your giant octopus?

Did we mention he hates meetings?

On The Job Training

Taking on a new job is intimidating. There’s always more to learn, and the fear of making a mistake — and by extension looking silly in front of a new group of coworkers — can be paralyzing. One thing the 3D Cloud @ Work series does spectacularly well is provide a window into the daily lives of staffers across disciplines and at all different leadership levels.

Marxent @ Work: QA

3D Cloud Culture

Finally, some 3D Cloud @ Work entries are more focused on revealing who we are as opposed to what we do. On the surface, the below posts are about sci-fi movies, or Dungeons & Dragons, or 3D Cloud similarity (or lack thereof) to the movie Office Space. But dig in and you’ll find these posts are really about heart. These posts cover the things we’re passionate about and love — and that includes our coworkers. Ultimately, 3D Cloud is as much a big family as it is a software company, and 3D Cloud @ Work is our family album. We hope you enjoy our selfies.

For even more on 3D Cloud workplace culture, check out the How We Got Here video series, which presents interviews with 3D Cloud staffers discussing the twisty paths they took to arrive at this point in their careers. 

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